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In addition to traditional silica gel, we also produce silica based functional additives. Our micronized silica products provide value enhancement in a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications, such as beer stabilizer, edible oil refining aid, toothpaste abrasive & thickener, free-flow agent, carrier, matting agent, anti-blocking agent, moisture scavenger, etc.


Food and Beverage Applications

Beverage Stabilization: Beer.
Edible Oil Refining: Removing Phospholipids, Soaps and Trace Metals.
Free-Flowing / Anti-Caking: Powder Food

Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Applications

Dentifrice: Effective Cleaning Agent.
Cosmetics: Special Functional Additive.
Pharmaceuticals: Functional Excipient.

Industrial Applications

Coating: Matting Agent.
Inkjet Coating: Pigment.
PE/PP film: Anti-blocking Agent.
Biodiesel Refining: Removing Polar Contaminants.
Moisture Scavenger: Removing Humidity/Moisture.

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