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Yudong Silica produce micronized silica gel for various industrial applications. Silclar silica provides effectively high performance experience to our customers.


Matting Agent
Silclar 300 matting agents may be used for a broad range of paint and lacquer systems. The wide range of properties can meet most demanding coating needs.
Environmentally friendly coating systems are new challenges. Yudong developed W-series matting agents for water-borne system.
Inkjet Coating
Yudong provides a variety of pigments to improve ink absorption and print quality. Silclar 300 provides benefits in both quality and economy.
Anti-Blocking Agent
Polyolefin films like polyethylene and polypropylene tend to stick together. Silclar 400 provides a micro-rough surface to the film, resulting in less blocking between layers of film.
Silclar 600 is high purity and inert. It has unsurpassed ability to remove phospholipids, soaps and trace metals from biodiesel feedstock oils and fats in both physical and chemical refining operations. Economic benefits by using Silclar 600 can be:
- Eliminating water wash;
- Ensuring oil quality while also minimizing clay usage.
Moisture Scavenger
Silclar molecular sieve can be used in numberous applications to remove humidity and moisture from industrial gas and processes where the presence of moisture can be detrimental.
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