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Our silica gel products are made of high quality materials, the large pore structure gives it higher adsorbing capacity than traditional adsorbent like clay. Based on the high adsorbing character, we have developed applications in the food and beverage industry.


Beer Stabilizer
Silclar 900 may effectively remove large proteins to improve the stability of beer in order to ensure long-lasting quality. We produce all xerogel, hydro and hydrous gels for customers to source at one stop.
Edible Oil Adsorbent
Silclar 600 may remove soaps, phospholipids and trace metals more effectively than bleaching earth. By using Silclar 600, you may:
- Improve quality of edible oil.
- Eliminate water wash process.
- Reduce dosage of bleaching earth and oil loss.
Free Flowing Agent
Silclar 800 may improve the flowing and caking properties of powder food, such as spices, tomato powder, seasonings, flavours, etc
Due to its large pore structure, Silclar 500 may pick up larger molecules such as fragrances or flavors and release them later in the process.
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