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Type A: Micro Pore
Type B: Middle Pore Volume
Type C: Big Pore
Type D: Large Pore Volume
Column Chromatography
Layer Chromatography
Silica Alumina Type Y
Silica Alumina Type WP
FNG Water Proof
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Yudong Silica supplies high quality silica gel to our customers. We produce base silica gel, chromatography, alumina, water-proof silica gels.

Silica Gel is a synthetic, amorphous, porous material. The main component is SiO2, which is non-toxic.  Silica gel has excellent adsorption capacity, good thermal and chemical stability and mechanical strength. According to different pore structure, silica gel can be divided into micro, medium, macro and big pore types.

We produce both granular and bead particles of each grade. Particle size can be made according to customer's requests.


Base Silica Gel

Type A: Micro Pore Volume.
Type B: Middle Pore Volume.
Type C: Big Pore Volume.
Type D: Large Pore Volume.

Chromatography Silica Gel

Column Chromatography
Layer Chromatography

Silica-Alumina Gel

Type Y
Type WP


 Water-Proof Silica Gel

FNG Water-Proof Silica Gel

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