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Pharmaceutical and personal care industries needs high-performing excipients and functional additives for their finished products and effective processing aids during manufacturing phase. Silclar silica has been developed to support such requests.


Toothpaste Abrasive / Thickner
Silclar 700 has exceptional performance as highly effective cleaning agent in a wide variety of dental formulations.
Cosmetics Additives
Silclar 100 can be used for a variety of functions in personal care applications, such as sunscreen, body powder, facial scrubs, creams and lotions, cosmetic gels, lipstick, etc.
Pharmaceutical Excipient
Because of its adsorbing property, Silclar 200 may be used for enhancing stability of final dosage forms of consumer drugs, as highly efficiency glidant, tableting aid, suspension aid, disintegrant, dragee, etc.
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